A Cappella on the Road – Call for video

Dear friends of Vocal Asia Festival,


Let’s bring everyone to Hong Kong with your voice!  This year, Vocal Asia Festival (VAF) will be held at Youth Square in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. Now, other than coming in person, there’s another way for you to be part of this wonderful festival – join the A Cappella on the Road – Calling for Videos!


Going on a space travel between train, subway, and metro around the world with our voices. From Tsim Sha Tsui to Shih-lin, then all the way to Myeong-dong, Dhoby Ghaut, Ueno, 42nd Street, and final stop at Chai Wan!


With your videos of singing in the train car in your city, we move from station to station between different countries without border!  As long as there’s music, we can gather your voices together, and travel around the world with the moving festival – Vocal Asia Festival.


Now, let’s go sing on the road together!


How to enter:


01) Who: All a cappella groups or individual singers are welcome. 20-30 submissions in total.

02) How: Smart phone recording of a 1-minute long video, selfie videos are also welcome.

03) What: Any songs are welcome; there is no limitation.

04) Where: The video should be filmed inside of a train or subway car.

05) Registration: Please email the file to festival@vocalasia.com, with the group name (or your name) and location of the recording

06) Format: MOV/MPEG/AVI/WMV/MP4 are all ok.

07) When: Deadline is June 16.

08) Vocal Asia will edit the video so that all submission can be arranged into a complete presentation

09) Final video will be published in mid-July

10) Vocal Asia reserves the right of using the image and music of all submission videos


(Please see below for Chinese translation.)


A Cappella on the Road – 影片大募集


親愛的藝術節參與者和阿卡貝拉朋友們 :


用自己的聲音帶著大家去香港!今年亞洲阿卡貝拉年度盛會 Vocal Asia Festival (VAF) 將在柴灣青年廣場舉辦,除了8月到香港參與 VAF,各地團隊或粉絲們還有另一種方式可以成為藝術節的一份子,那就是加入 A Cappella on the Road 影片大募集!


用歌聲超越時空限制,串起世界各地的火車、地鐵、捷運各種車廂...從尖沙咀直達士林,下一站是明洞, 接著牛車水,然後是上野,轉車到42街...最後是柴灣!


我們希望串連大家在自己城市搭車唱歌的影像,一站一站地往前行,沒有任何的限制!只要有了歌,我們可以齊聚彼此的聲音,和 VAF 這個移動式旅行阿卡貝拉藝術節一起環遊世界,共同發聲。






01)  招募對象:歡迎團隊報名,也開放個人報名,預計招募20-30組,額満為止

02)  參與方式:手機攝影,拍攝約一分鐘演出影片,自拍形式也可

03)  演唱曲目:沒有限制,唱自己喜歡的歌

04)  拍攝地點:地鐵、火車或是有車廂感的任何地方

05)  報名方式:將影片檔e-mail至 festival@vocalasia.com,附上團名(姓名)、拍攝地點

06)  影片格式:MOV/MPEG/AVI/WMV/MP4皆可

07)  招募期間:即日起至6月16日

08)  影片將經過剪輯編排,以多團集錦方式呈現

09)  影片預計於7月中旬公開上線

10)  主辦單位保留投稿本活動之影像與配樂之使用權利


Video Sample