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2019.8.09 17:30











2019 Asian Cup A Cappella Competition


2019.8.09 17:30

Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall)・Grand


The Asian Cup A Cappella Competition marks the beginning of the annual Vocal Asia Festival (VAF). This competition encourages A Cappella teams in Asian regions to be more polished and sophisticated, making a chance for the teams to observe and admire each other.


The 2019 VAF will invite five international masters of A Cappella to serve as judges, and will also invite the champion from the 2019 VoiceJam A Cappella Competition (USA) as the demonstration team. Hopefully, this competition will ignite the flame of enthusiasm for the professional A Cappella teams in Asian regions, and also show the audience the professional music of A Cappella performances to create a better art environment for the music of A Cappella.

《 ジョイント・コンサート「島と世界に捧げる歌」 》


2019.8.10 18:30



Unlimited Tone、木島ユタカ、TRY-TONE、Sangpuy 、O-Kai Singersといった、日本と台湾を代表するシンガーやアカペラグループによるスペシャルステージを開催!民謡、島唄、原住民音楽、ポップスなど、東アジアの島々に伝わる美しいメロディーを通して、瀬戸内国際芸術祭のテーマ「海の復権」に応えるかたちで、トランスナショナルな繋がりを紡ぎあげていきます。海と島と世界に捧げる歌の数々を、どうぞごゆっくりご堪能ください。




Songs for the Islands and the New World


2019.8.10 18:30

Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall) ・Grand


Alongside the theme of the Setouchi Triennale "restoration of the Sea 2019", famous singers and A Cappella groups from Taiwan and Japan, who are both located on the East-Asia Island Arc, including Sangpuy, Kijima Yutaka, TRY-TONE, Unlimited Tone and O-Kai Singers are invited to tell stories and pass on the messages from the islands and oceans, by transforming them into stunning voices; in the phenomenal and refreshing vocal aboriginal music, folk songs, islandic tunes, traditional songs, and new creations, the songs are woven together as gifts to the world, and as odes to honor the oceans and the islands.

《特別コンサート&セレモニー 〜ザ・スウィングル公演〜》


2019.8.11 18:30



2019VAFのハイライトともいえる、世界的なアカペラグループ「ザ・スウィングルズ」の華麗なるパフォーマンスに加え、本年度のアジアカップのチャンピオンに輝いたグループと、2020 VAFの開催都市・高雄から駆けつけた代表団によるショーなど、フィナーレにふさわしい豪華ライブをお届けします。歌声で過去と現在、未来を繋げ、アカペラの魅力を瀬戸内から世界へと発信していきます。



Gala Concert - The Swingles Concert & VAF Closing Ceremony


2019.8.11 18:30

Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall) ・Grand


The closing Gala Concert is the most exciting music performance in the Setouchi Triennale 2019! The concert takes the 2019 VAF international master team “The Swingles” as the crown jewel, and also presents you the new champion of the 2019 Asian Cup A Cappella Competition after the opening performance by the representative team of Kaohsiung, Taiwan which will be the host city of VAF in 2020. Through the past, present and future, together we sing from Setouchi to the world.














会場|小豆島 大部:リン・シュンロン(林舜龍)「国境を越えて・波」

時間|11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00(公演時間は1回15分)





会場|小豆島 中山:ワン・ウェンチー(王文志)「小豆島の恋」

時間|12:00~12:30 14:00~14:30






豊島:島キッチン・11:30~12:00 13:00~13:30






会場|丸亀町グリーン けやき広場








A Cappella is about singing wherever we go!


Like every year in the past, VAF's most popular event "Aca Day" will bring us tons of joy again in Kagawa Prefecture and Setouchi Triennle. This time, we will sing on the land, on the sea, and on the island! In different venues such as the Marugamemachi Green in Takamatsu City and on the islands like Shodoshima, Teshima, and Takamijima, groups from all over the world will use their own voices to show their own cultural characteristics and unique charm, accompanying with the installation art exhibits!


Let's follow the wonderful sound of pure vocal music and enjoy the cheerful summer in Setouchi!



《The Wave》

Venue : Shodoshima Obe / Beyond the Border - Wave (Lin Shuen Long)

Time : 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 (15 mints per performance )

Free Admission ( A separated 300 yen will be charged for visiting the Artwork)


《Voices of Taiwan》

Venue : Shodoshima Nakayama / Love in Shodoshima (Wang Wen Chih)

Time : 12:00~12:30 14:00~14:30

Free Admission ( A separated 300 yen will be charged for visiting the Artwork)


《Islands of Voice》

Venue & Time : 

Teshima – Shima Kitchen  11:30~12:00 13:00~13:30

Takamijima - Takami Ikoi no Ie  13:30~14:00

Free Admission



《Sing to the World》

Venue : Marugamemachi Green

Time : 15:00~17:30

Free Admission


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