Feature of 2021 Vocal Asia Festival

Meet Aca-Awesome Instructors and workshops!

This year, you will meet some of the most world renowned aca instructors online! The list of instructors includes the multi-talented performer, Gabriel Hahn, who will show you how to fully utilize your body as an instrument by combining your voice and body sounds! Dr. Gene Aitken will show you  the fun of vocal jazz. The board members from Aarhus Vocal Festival - Tine Fris-Ronsfeld and Kristoffer Thorning, the headmaster of The Real Academy - Peder Karlsson, the conductor/arranger for the vocal jazz group Touché - Jesper Holm, self-described “jazz vocal nerds” group - Accent, and last but not least, the producer of many award-winning A Cappella albums, the so-called “Godfather of contemporary A Cappella” - Deke Sharon. Many more Aca-Awesome instructors will be joining us! Don’t miss out!



Showing the ten years of excellence from the world!

This year is the tenth edition of Vocal Asia Festival. We have selected several talented A Cappella artists/groups from the world to present their latest performances via online streaming. VAF will show you the ten years of excellence from the world.









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