Mosaic (HK)

Mosaic is the premier A Cappella group based in The University of Hong Kong and comprises students from different faculties and years of studies. The name “Mosaic” was chosen to capture the very nature of the group – coming from different backgrounds, Mosaicians bring our individual uniqueness into harmonized pieces of lively, spirited music. Established in July 2006, Mosaic is the first collegiate A Cappella group in HK to organise large-scale concerts and has been very active in the Hong Kong choral scene, staging numerous performances both on and off campus.


Ever since the installation of the Hong Kong and Macau College A Cappella Competition in 2012, Mosaic has been an active participant of this annual event, winning the competition among collegiate groups in the region on no less than four occasions, claiming their latest victory in 2016. Mosaic is dedicated to the promotion of A Cappella music in Hong Kong, hence often appearing on TV, radio, shopping malls and other major events.