The contestants of Asian Cup A Cappella Competition

Boonfaysau (HK)


“Boonfaysau” (BFS) is formed with members’ passion for singing, arrangements born from countless mistakes, and vocal cords that endure vocal abuse. Since our inception in 2017, we have participated in several A Cappella competitions, claiming the Overall Championship in Asia A Cappella Festival 2017 & Championship (HK Division) in Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival 2017. Yet what makes us more delightful is that you will like us just as how people like “Boonfaysau Cha-siu”. Sit back and hope you enjoy BFS singing!


「半肥瘦」,又稱 Boonfaysau / BFS,團員們無任何專業音樂背景,不過有很想唱歌的心願、無數次錯誤中學習的編曲,還有經過一輪鬼吼鬼叫後居然還能唱歌的喉嚨。承蒙大家厚愛,半肥瘦自2017年成立短短幾個月內已經奪得亞洲無伴奏合唱節香港區總冠軍及全場總冠軍!但相比奪獎,我們更希望我們的音樂能像半肥瘦的叉燒一樣受大家歡迎。

City Singers (CN)


City Singers(醒耳人声乐团)is a Chinese five-person vocal band, founded in Xiamen University in 2009. It is now one of the most active and well-known a cappella group in China. They won the 3rd Prize in 2015 VAF Asian Cup A Cappella Competition and the Grand Prize in 2016 International Kodaly A Cappella Festival.



Free Will Vocal Band (CN)


The Free Will Vocal Band was founded in May 2017. It was the first Chinese vocal band to sing native folk songs in a cappella. We are committed to the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese culture and art. Representative works have Yunnan folk songs, Nidu folk song and Uyghur Avalguli.



MuseMic Vocal Band (TW)


MuseMic was founded in 2016, instruct by Hsien-Jung Pan. MuseMic won the gold medal, Best Stage Performance, Best Jazz Interpretation in 2017 Taiwan International Vocal Festival A Cappella Competition. Apart from the performances on campus, MuseMic also cooperates with different organizations off campus to gain more experience. As one of few a cappella groups in southern Taiwan, MuseMic not only dedicates to improving their live performances, but also devotes themselves to writing original songs and covering popular songs. Their styles include country music, pop music, jazz…etc., and they also try multiple languages such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal languages, and English. By exposing themselves in various materials, MuseMic hopes to find more inspiration and discover new possibilities in the field of a cappella.


慕斯麥人聲樂團成立於2016年,由一群對阿卡貝拉充滿熱情的青年所組成,於2017「TCMC台灣盃阿卡貝拉大賽」中榮獲社會組「金牌」、「最佳爵士詮釋獎」、以及「最佳舞台呈現獎」,指導老師為潘絃融老師。 身為台灣南部少數的阿卡貝拉團體之一,我們除了現場演出之外,也致力於新創歌曲以及流行歌曲的改編,曲風包含民謠、流行、爵士等等,也嘗試多種語言,包含中文、台語、客語、原住民語以及英文,藉由多元的素材激發團隊無限的可能,並期許自己能夠成為更專業傑出的阿卡貝拉團。

Noire (CN)


Noire is a barbershop quartet in Shenzhen, China, made of four singers from different musical backgrounds and a wide range of genres who originally come from four different countries (the USA, Russia, Armenia and Ukraine) and who live (and for some, work) in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Founded Friday the 13th, April 2018, Noire is already having fun and singing around the city. 


Individually, we like collaborating with other artists, and this joy of working with other people is a big part of what brought us together. Add a love of a cappella and an interest in tackling challenging material, as well as barbershop, and wham! Bam! Noire was born.


We can be found singing around Shenzhen, and also on where we sometimes post clips from rehearsals. It’s always a joy to sing, and we hope you’ll come listen to us sometime.


Noire 為來自中國深圳的理髮廳四重唱團體,四位團員來自不同的音樂背景及國家 (美國, 俄羅斯, 亞美尼亞, 烏克蘭),現居於深圳及香港。成立於2018年4月,Noire 享受於城市各處演出的生活,並且樂於與其他藝術家合作,更喜歡嘗試加入各種不同的素材到音樂之中。Noire 除了活躍於深圳,也經常分享作品至團隊官網。

Pinopela (PH)


Pinopela is a group of young musicians brought together by their shared love and talent for a cappella music. It started with a simple wish to sing together but year after year of accomplishment and victory has turned pastime into profession. Now, Pinopela is recognized on the international a cappella stage as a powerhouse group that is representative of pure Filipino talent.


來自菲律賓的 Pinopela 是由一群熱愛阿卡貝拉音樂,也極俱演唱天份的年輕人所組成。從最初單純希望能一起唱歌,到多年之後獲得許多成功與迴響,而成為一組職業團隊。至今,Pinopela 在國際舞台中,被認為是富有演出能量且充分展現菲律賓特色的團隊。

The 4 Of Us (MY)


Born and bred in Malaysia, The 4 Of Us is a young vocal quartet made up of close friends with a common passion for choral singing. Having sung together in many different choirs prior to their formation, they had formed a close bond both personally and musically. The idea to form a quartet came to them in the middle of 2012 after a chance “jamming” session; the opportunity to take their passion to a new level was something they could not pass on.


In their years together, the quartet has steadily been gaining recognition in the Malaysian music scene both with their online presence and regular performances at live music venues in and around KL. Notable performances include the Malaysian promotional tour and press launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4; representing Malaysia at ChildAid Singapore's 2013 Charity Gala at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands; the 2016 Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival; and the 3rd Malaysian Golden Entrepreneur Awards 2017. 


The group’s competition credits include being finalists at the 2017 Incheon International A Cappella Competition, 1st Runner-Up at MyCreative Ventures’ inaugural talent search, Starglitz; and winning "Best Overall Production" and the "Festival Director's Award" at Short+Sweet Malaysia's first ever choral category in 2015.


The 4 Of Us 成員皆來自馬來西亞,對合唱有共同喜好與熱情而結識,並組成一支混聲四重唱。因為一起參加不同合唱團而培養了深厚的音樂默契,於2012年決定邁入新的音樂合作階段。成團之後,無論是現場演出或是網路上的作品曝光,都讓他們在馬來西亞漸展知名度,並獲得許多演出邀約。

Torys (KR)


Torys is a group created by students of Korea National University of Arts in 2008. We sings traditional Korean music in a cappella. The word "Tory" means to the musical characteristics of each region. We are studying different local music, which means that we can show different Korean traditional music.The rhythm and unique vocalization of Korean traditional music can create an a cappella you have not heard of.We will play an a cappella close to Korean traditional music.


Torys 人聲樂團成立於2008年,由5位歌手組成。雖然樂團結構是依照西方音樂 -S.A.T.B,但樂團風格則大多為韓國傳統音樂,例如 gayageumsanjo、pansori 與 kyeonggi-minyo 等。團名是從“Tori“這個字發展,為一種韓國傳統歌謠種類,例如 yukjabaegi-tori、menari-tori 與 kyeong-tori。他們希望藉由改編韓國傳統歌謠至阿卡貝拉音樂,能吸引更多人來聆聽了解韓國歌謠。

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