Review of Asian Cup A Cappella Competition

1st in Shenzhen

Date :

September 1, 2012


Location : 

Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen, China


Winner :

First place : EXIT (KR)

Second place : The Exchange (USA)

Third place : MOLK (CN)


Participants :


Hey Boy (CN)


Mosaic (HK)

The Exchange (USA)



2nd in Shanghai

Date :

August 5, 2015


Location :

Star Stage, Xu Hui District, Shanghai, China


Winner :

First place : The Wanted (TW)

Second place : The Present (KR)

Third place : City Singers (CN)

Special prize : Nanu (SG)


Participants :

City Singers (CN)

Mixter (TW)

Mosaic (HK)

Nanu (SG)

Resonance (JP)

Seagull-K Vocal Band (TW)

The Present (KR)

The Wanted (TW)

Wing band (CN)

3rd in Taitung

Date :

August 17, 2016


Location :

Taitung Art and Culture Center, Taitung, Taiwan


Winner :

First place : Gili (TW)

Second place : Acapellago (PH)

Third place : Doo-Wop Sounds (KR)、The Groovies (JP)

Special prize : The Apex Project (SG)、Water Singers (MO)


Participants :

A-CAism Vocal Group (CN)

Acapellago (PH)

Acappuccino (SG)

Doo-Wop Sounds (KR)

Gili (TW)

Nightchords (TW) 

Second Language (TW)

Set Tone Men (HK)

The Apex Project (SG)

The Groovies (JP)

The Pure (TW)

Resound (CN)

Resonance (TW)

Water Singers (MO)