⊙ About the competition

Asian Cup A Cappella Competition has been held during the Vocal Asia Festival since 2012. It is one of the biggest A Cappella competitions in the world with an outstandingly high level. The competition aimed not only to promote contemporary A Cappella music, but also to ignite singers’ passion toward A Cappella. Through the completion, the talented A Cappella groups around Asia will get the chance to present the music and culture of their own countries. 


⊙ Qualification

1. All singers should be 18 years old or above, each group is made up from 3 to 8 members.

2. All singers must register Vocal Asia Festival – 4 Days Pass.



The jury consists of the instructors from the festival and other professional judges.


⊙ Attentions

1. Please read this notice and fill out the application form thoroughly.

2. Each group should send 2 high quality videos or rehearsal audio files recorded in the past 3 months for preliminary selection (web links of videos are acceptable). Please note that pitch and time editing is not allowed.  

3. 8 groups at most will be selected to enter the final competition. The result will be announced on June 20.

4. The final groups should send the scores in JPG or PDF file to festival@vocalasia.com before July 10. (The group should be responsible for all copyright issue.)

5. Each group has one chance to change the competition song list after submitting the application. No changes will be accepted by July 10.

6. Each group can change singers once only (no more than one third of the group members) before July 10

7. Singers are not permitted to participate in more than 1 group.

8. Sound check will be held on the competition day (20 mins per group). The detailed schedule will be provided 2 weeks prior to the competition. Please make sure to be present for your sound check.


⊙ Regulations

1. Number of singers: 3-8 per group. 8 handheld wireless microphones will be provided.

2. Number of songs: at least 3 songs within 15 minutes. All songs should be in 3 or more different voice parts.

3. The competition is judged on a point basis. Group that a) reaches over 90 points and/or b) gets the highest score will be the champion.  

4. A timekeeper will be started upon the pitch is given. The penalty for each exceeding 30 second is 0.5 point; 60 second is 1 point, and so on.

5. The contestant should take care of all copyright issues of the scores. The organizer will not take any responsibility on copyright issue.

6. Groups are allowed to bring ONE sound engineer. During the sound check and the competition, the sound engineer is allowed to operate the mixing console under the supervision of the organization’s chief sound engineer. Related information of the sound equipment will be provided 2 weeks prior to the competition. 

7. Groups are allowed to use their equipment, operated by their sound engineer during the sound check and the competition. Please provide the tech list before July 10.  The setting time will be scheduled on the afternoon of August 16, please make sure to be present for it. 

8. Groups which use IEM during the competition, please note it is allowed to give a sign in click or pitch through IEM. However, cue-tracks and click tracks are not allowed. 

9. Groups which use loop station during the competition, please note pre-recorded vocal tracks are not allowed.

10. There will be no light effects during competition.

11. The order in which the groups appear will be determined by means of drawing lots 2 weeks prior to the competition. The result will be announced via Vocal Asia website.

12. Groups dropping out for anything other than unforeseen circumstances will not receive a refund.


⊙ Rights and duties

1. The champion must perform in Gala Concert on August 18. 

2. The champion will be invited to Shanghai A Cappella Festival in 2019.

3. The group who wins the VoiceJam Award will be invited to the VoiceJam Festival (USA) in 2019.

4. Participants are not allowed to acclaim any right of the recording, video-tapes and photography of all the activities mentioned above. The organizer reserves all rights of making edits and publications of the activities through media. 

5. Judges will be available for comments directly after the competition. No written comments will be provided. 

6. It is understood that each group participates in this competition fully accepts the rules and regulations above.


⊙ Judging Criteria




Note :

1. The payment of prize will be made in cash after the competition. Each group should assign a representative to receive the prize.

2. If two or more groups win the same prize, the award will be equally shared.

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