Aca Day

Time : Aug.12 (Mon.) 11:00-18:00

Venue : various spots around the Takamatsu city and the islands on the Seto Inland Sea, such as Techima and Shodoshima.

Tickets : Free admission


A Cappella is about singing wherever we go!


Like every year in the past, VAF's most popular event "Aca Day" will bring us tons of joy again in Kagawa Prefecture and Setouchi Triennle. This time, we will sing on the land, on the sea, and on the island! In different venues such as the Marugamemachi Green in Takamatsu City and on the islands like Shodoshima, Teshima, and Takamijima, groups from all over the world will use their own voices to show their own cultural characteristics and unique charm, accompanying with the installation art exhibits!


Let's follow the wonderful sound of pure vocal music and enjoy the cheerful summer in Setouchi!



《The Wave》

Time : 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 (15 mins per performance )

Venue : Shodoshima Obe – Beyond the Border - Wave (Lin Shuen Long)

( A separated 300 yen will be charged for visiting the Artwork)


Performers : Moment Singers (TW), Kuei Ying Hsu (TW)


《Voices of Taiwan》

Time : 12:00~12:30 / 14:00~14:30

Venue : Shodoshima Nakayama – Love in Shodoshima (Wang Wen Chih)

( A separated 300 yen will be charged for visiting the Artwork)


Performers :

12:00~12:30 : Harake-ji (JP), Sangpuy (TW)

14:00~14:30 : Fovr (JP), O-Kai Singers (TW)


《Islands of Voice》

Time & Venue : 

11:30~12:00 / 13:00~13:30 Teshima – Shima Kitchen

13:30~14:00 Takamijima – Community Center


Performers : 

Teshima : Business Casual (USA), EXIT (KR)

Takamijima : Otonarinoren (JP)


《Sing to the World》

Time : 15:00~18:00

Venue : Takamatsu – Marugamemachi Green


Performers : Single Singers, SONG FOREST (KR), Negima (JP), One Plus One (TW), City Singers (CN), Water Singers (MO), City Singers (HK), Sky Vocal (CN), Backup Singers (HK), Save Armpit Hair (TW), SENZA A Cappella (HK), Set Tone Men (HK), HaMoReSo (JP), Gay Singers (HK), The Swingles (UK)

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