Hakkappella! Concert

Time : Aug.17 (Fri.) 19:30

Venue : Hsinchu Performing Arts Center

Address : No.17, Sec. 2, Dongda Rd., Hsinchu City, Taiwan

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Music of Taiwan reflects its specific history background and culture diversity. As one of various style of folk music in Taiwan, Hakka music has its one-of-a-kind inclusiveness and evolutionary. In this concert, we try prompt a different expression with vocal music, re-invent the beauty of Hakka music, and compare / crossover with other great folk music from different culture.


Performers :


Tien Wu Beiguan Bayin Troupe (TW)

Yu-Wei Hsieh (TW)

Sirong Lo (TW)

MuseMic Vocal Band (TW)

Torys (KR)

Boonfaysau (HK)

Free Will Vocal Band (CN)

Women of the World (USA)

Vocal Asia

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