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Acapellago (PH)


Acapellago is one of the most influential pop a cappella groups in the Philippines today. The group leads in winning top prizes both in local and international competitions held in various countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, China, Austria, Russia, Japan, and the Philippines. Aside from this, they are also recognized by the Awit Awards and Ani Ng Dangal for four years now. Recently, they were recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through the NCCA SUDI AWARDS, a National Music award that aims to recognize outstanding contributions of Filipino musical works creators, institutions, and researchers across genres and modules of productions with the highest standard and artistic excellence. As they believe in the magic of harmony, they continue with their mission of creating music, singing songs, and sharing their passion amidst the pandemic that the world is facing at the moment.


Acappuccino (SG)


Since forming up in 2017, Acappuccino has been actively honing a unique sound as part of the Singapore A Cappella scene.


From travelling as part of concert and performance tours regionally, the group represented Singapore at the Hong Kong A Cappella Festival in 2014, was finalist at the 2016 Asia A Cappella Cup and was also part of the National Cancer Centre's fundraising concert in 2019 where they co-founded vocal ensemble Accord to promote inclusivity in singing as a group.


When not singing, the group indulges in food together and catch up as per what friends usually do over games or just conversation.


Boonfaysau (HK)


“Boonfaysau” (BFS) is an award-winning, full-fledged a cappella team from Hong Kong.  The name “Boonfaysau” in Cantonese is derived from a choice of cut for barbecued pork, “half fat and half lean”.  The group was founded on the members’ shared passion for singing, a repertoire built after countless trials, and vocal cords that brave the frontiers of various musical genres.


Since Boonfaysau’s inception in 2017, they have received acclaim and continuous recognition from the wider a cappella circle, both in Hong Kong and abroad. Most recently, they claimed not only the overall First Prize but also the VoiceJam Award and a Special Award for Best Rhythm Section at the Vocal Asia Asian Cup A Cappella Competition 2018, held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In 2019, going beyond Asia, the group began touring and performing internationally. In 2019 February, Boonfaysau was invited by the  Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco to perform in 5 cities across the United States. In April, the group was invited by VoiceJam Festival in the United States as performing guests. Later in May, the group was also invited to perform in the 2019 Taoyuan Vocal Festival, bringing their Hong Kong sound to every place and every audience they met.


Boonfaysau is also active in local a cappella circle and strives to bring local audiences refreshing live performances. In 2019 August, the group performed at 1563 At the East as the first chapter of a cappella performance series. In December, the group was interviewed by RTHK “New Cultural Campaign” to share their thoughts on a cappella. In 2020 January, Boonfaysau performed in their first sold-out concert “Take A Bow: A Cappella”, presented by Cultural Presentation Section of Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Service Department as part of the “Music Delight” series, bringing exciting rendition of classics, pop and the group’s original.


“Yet to us, nothing would delight us more than having you enjoy our performances just as how people enjoy the half-lean, half-fat barbecued pork of boonfaysau cha-siu. Please sit back, and we hope you’ll enjoy our singing!” the group says.


Chameleon Gakutai (JP)


Hi, We are Chameleon Gakutai from Japan. Japan has a lot of kinds of unique culture, like chameleon. We’ll do our best to express our Japanese sounds, and we hope you like them!


Vocal Asia Festival 2017(3rd Prize,Best Performance Award)

世界盃現代阿卡貝拉大賽・World Contemporary A cappella Festival(1st Prize、Best Performance Award)


City Singers (CN)


City Singers(醒耳人聲樂團)is a Chinese five-person vocal band, founded in Xiamen University in 2009. It is now one of the most active and well-known a cappella groups in China. They won the 3rd Prize in 2015 and 2017 VAF Asian Cup A Cappella Competition and the Grand Prize in 2016 International Kodaly A Cappella Festival.




EXIT is one of the few voice bands in Korea, which was founded in 2008. EXIT's music entices audience's to escape the boring routine of daily life. When they start, most of them have known each other since high school, when they were all choir members. They have released four singles and one mini album with their own personal pieces. You will be impressed by their hilarious and captivating lyrics which are not only written about love, but also other daily issues which most of us can resonate with.


EXIT is the champion of The Asian Cup a cappella Competition in 2012 and The Korea a cappella Competition in 2009. Also, they participated in the Vocal Asia Festival in 2014. Recently, they participated in the Macau International a cappella Festival in 2017 as the representative of Korea which received enthusiastic responses.


Gokokumai (JP)


Hello!! We are Gokokumai from Japan. We participated in VAF 2018 and 2019!


We hope we can meet to sing together once again at VAF!


HamojiN (JP)


HamojiN from Tokyo gathers some of the best and most reputable musicians in the jazz and a cappella music industry from Japan.


They are Ayumu, Daisuke, and Kotetsu, veteran professional jazz vocalists, together with Kaichiro, vocal percussion master.


This group of good drinking friends came up with the name “HamojiN”(鱧人) after their acclaimed debut in 2015, by combining the word “Harmony” and “people”(JIN) together, meaning “Harmony of people”. As described by their name, they also pursue the possibilities of improvisation in a cappella. The aim of the group is simply to “make good music”, which is definitely happening!


HaMoReSo (JP)


We are HaMoReSo, the acapella group formed by the alumni from Harmowell in 2016, a Barkley method music school in Japan.


The origin of the band’s name “HaMoReSo” comes from what we cherish. Make the most of sharing moments of HarMonic ReSonance. Enjoy acapella songs of pops, movie music and jazz standards with HaMoReSo arrangements. We usually perform at Jazz festivals, Jazz local culture hall, café.


We are looking forward to the world where the pandemic is over and we could all get together again! Until then, stay home, and enjoy harmony and keep on singing.


Men's Talk (TW)


Men's Talk, an acappella group formed by 6 music lovers in Tainan National University of the Arts. Founded in 2018, combining male voices and a female vocal percussion to perform different kinds of music. Although the group is young, their passion for music is really mature. They are going to bring you the sound of southern Taiwan, and hope you guys enjoy it.


MICappella (SG)


Effervescent, dynamic and versatile, MICappella is one of Asia’s leading vocal bands based in Singapore.


The band had the honour of appearing at National Day Parade 2018 Celebrations and Singapore Day 2019 in Shanghai. That same year, they were also invited to perform their rendition of the National Anthem during the Singapore Grand Prix Flag-off ceremony.


MICappella has released 3 albums till date and their latest 2019 EP “LOVE, MICappella” took home the award for Outstanding Asian Album and Best Original Song by a Professional Group. The band tours extensively and have performed in Europe, Australia, China, USA, Russia, Malaysia, and many more.


Narin (KR)


Formed in 2016. Our team seeks modern style music. Thanks to our vocal cords, we do not need anything else to have distinctive colors of our own. We try to produce a variety of music.


O-Kai Singers (TW)


O-Kai Singers is an Indigenous Taiwanese vocal group whose outstanding vocal ability has brought them immediate success. Only two months after its establishment they managed to take home first place in national category at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival.


Since then, they have shattered records in the Taiwan a cappella scene, winning more than 42 different awards including category of “Best Jazz Album” “Best Asia Album” with their first and second album for Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs), 3 awards for Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, 5 national champions, runners up at an international competition, and scoring third place twice in international competitions in Europe. While sharing the stage with top international groups including The Swingle Singers, The Real Group, and The Idea of North, they pushed the total number of performances to more than 1,000 within 15 years.


Pinocchio (CN)


Pinocchio is one of the most popular a cappella groups in China.  Founded in 2016, the group has been seen in many international music stages like Gwangju International Youth Gala, Vocal Asia Festival, Strawberry Festival, Beehive Music Festival.


In 2019, the group received the champion and the best solo award in the National A Cappella Competition in China.


In 2020, the group participated in the reality TV-show "Sing! China!" under the guidance of Nicholas Tse. Pinocchio not only has many fans on different social media platforms, it is also well-recognized in the professional industry.


Pinopela (PH)


Pinopela is a group of young musicians brought together by their shared love and talent for a cappella music. It started with a simple wish to sing together but year after year of accomplishment and victory has turned pastime into profession. Now, Pinopela is recognized on the international a cappella stage as a powerhouse group that is representative of pure Filipino talent.


Resonance (TW)


We stay together because of the resonance of music and hope to deliver our sounds to everyone.


We sing in different genres ranging from classical to pop music and usually put aboriginal musical elements in the songs, expressing unique Taiwan’s voice.


Seagull-K (TW)


Seagull-K is a Taiwanese vocal band formed in Hsinchu City, also known as the Windy City. With charming voices and a style of their own in arrangement, they sing original, classic, and pop songs through exquisite and powerful a cappella performances. 


The band’s name is not only a homophonic pun of "It's O.K./It's alright" in Mandarin, but also a symbol of their initial dream, which is to give the audience courage and strength with their music.


Since 2009, Seagull-K has won many awards in Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong. They have had more than 400 performing experiences to date. They even set a record of going around Taiwan, performing a cappella music for 26 shows within 8 days.


Seagull-K also founded ”Hsinchu A Cappella Center”, and has been hosting “Vocal Only Festival” in Hsinchu every year.


Set Tone Men (HK)




The 4 Of Us (MY)


The 4 Of Us is a vocal quartet made up of Kathleen Roshene, Jacqueline Teng, Andrew Sanjay George, and Wilson Tan. One of Malaysia's most active pop and jazz vocal ensembles, the group has attained numerous achievements in their years together such as winning the “Best Overall Production” and “Festival Director’s Award” at Short+Sweet Malaysia, and the 1st runner-ups at MyCreative’s inaugural talent search, Starglitz.


With their talents, they've shined in many performances around the country and have also had the honour of representing Malaysia on the world stage with appearances at ChildAid Singapore's 2013 Gala; the finals of the 2017 Incheon World A Cappella Competition in Seoul, South Korea; and the finals of the 2018 Asian Cup A Cappella Competition along with the Vocal Asia Festival in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Recent performance highlights saw the debut of "4x5", a collaborative project with fellow vocal ensemble Nuance5, to sold-out performances; and their debut at the Penang House of Music with a headline performance and an introductory workshop to contemporary A Cappella.


The Pure (TW)


With the enthusiasm for A cappella, several singers graduated from NPHS were deeply inspired by the instructor of the Ocean's sound male choir, Chin-Lan Huang, to form the A cappella vocal band, The Pure. Nowadays, the singers come from southern Taiwan, anticipating expressing the unlimited possibility of the vocal music.


The music genres they sing include Jazz, Rock, Church and they also start to publish original songs. Besides, they sing in lots of languages like Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka and foreign languages. Especially cherish the value of dialects. The Pure have participated in hundreds of performances and won several awards. They will keep singing and bringing unforgettable memories to the audience.


The Wanted (TW)


The Wanted is a Taiwanese A cappella group. They won numerous international A cappella champions in their debut year, and is the first to release an original Mandarin Chinese album “Dear Adult”, which was awarded CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society) Best Asian Album in 2020, and they were also nominated for the 32nd Golden Melody Award for the Best Vocal Group.


Their newest EP “1% Theory”, fully produced and composed on their own, is now released in 2021. They are known for their capacity to sing in various styles, always showing new possibilities in vocal music to their audience.


The Wanted’s trade mark is their vivid vocal performance and being able to effortlessly switch between solo and choir. They also excel in composing mashups that are very popular amongst their fans, using different solos to express various emotions and music dynamics. They also compose and write their own music, using vocal effects to bring A cappella music a modern and electronic sound.


As an A cappella group, they are definitely the new born star, ready to bring vocal music to a larger stage.


Voctronica (IN)


Voctronica is India’s first all vocal ensemble. Comprising of a melodious blend of beat-boxers, Indian classical, pop, blues and rock vocalists, Voctronica brings to you the real power of the human voice.


Over the years the band has gained popularity across India and have further gone on to be the first and only act representing India at the Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival that hosted 195 vocal acts from around the world. In August 2019 they were invited to Japan as the first ever Indian band to participate at the Asian Cup A Cappella competition where they won the Silver Award.


Their live performance showcases a mix of originals along with popular English and Hindi covers presented in a highly interactive performance and the band has developed a sound and style that is entirely unique and undeniably infectious. Despite drawing from an eclectic set of musical genres like pop, folk, Bollywood, dubstep and electronica, the band merges their musical sensibilities to put forth one-of-a-kind interpretations of tracks across multiple genres.


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Special Guests

Borderless Vocal Band


International collaboration from Beijing, Hong Kong,

Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei and Hsinchu.


Project "Tangzhe"


Collaboration from City Singers, Freewill Vocal Band,

Ignite Vocal Band, Pinocchio and Syntonia from China.


Special Programs From The Festival Partners

Aarhus Vocal Festival


2019 AAVF - Elements of the North

Dopplers - Nykurin

VoiceJam A Cappella Festival


2021 VoiceJam Festival

 The Varsity Singers - Tarzan (Doo Bad Shi Doo)








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