Songs for the Islands and the New World

Time : Aug.10 (Sat.) 18:30

Venue : Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall) ・Grand

Address : 9-10 Tamamo-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan

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Alongside the theme of the Setouchi Triennale “restoration of the Sea”, famous singers and a cappella teams from Taiwan and Japan, who are both located on the East-Asia Island Arc, including Sangpuy, Kijima Yutaka, TRY-TONE, Unlimited Tone and O-Kai Singers are invited to tell stories and pass on the messages from the islands and oceans by transforming them into stunning voices; in the phenomenal and refreshing vocal aboriginal music, folk songs, islandic tunes, traditional songs, and new creations, the songs are woven together as gifts to the world, and as odes to honor the oceans and the islands.


Performer : TRY-TONE, Unlimited Tone, Kijima Yutaka, Sangpuy and O-Kai Singers





卓越したハーモニーでアカペラ界を牽引する混声アカペラグループトライトーン。1994 年、ビクターから「エトワール~12の星物語」でデビュー。


2001 年アメリカの Contemporary A cappella Society of America 主催、ベストレコーディング ア ワーズで、“アカペラ・マジック・ボックス”が最優秀ジャズアルバムを受賞。2009 年にはプロ野球 クライマックスシリーズにおいて東京ドームで国歌斉唱。 トライトーンの魅力は、卓越したハーモニーワーク、生き生きとしたリズム、人の声とは思えない ヴォイスパフォーマンス、音楽のジャンルを問わない選曲、ユニークなアレンジなど、オリジナリ ティ溢れる「TRY-TONE サウンド」です。笑いあり涙あり、変化に富んだ心温まるステージは世 代を超えて多くの人々を魅了し続けています。

Unlimited Tone (JP)


Unlimited Tone is a three-man vocal team brought together by a shared passion to deliver and explore vocal harmony - a style of music they define as “rich and tasteful layering of voices”. Lovingly nicknamed “Unlimi” by their fans, the trio consists of members Dody (right), Luz (left), and Ryohei (center).


Each having built up successful careers as individual artists, all three members contribute to the group in both songwriting and arranging.

The group is known for their “unplugged” performance style, where the members accompany themselves on guitar and piano. Featuring other talented vocalists at times, Unlimited Tone showcases a wide variety of sound colors with their cleverly constructed  harmonies and a cappella arrangements.


Combined with honest lyrics that speak straight to the heart, the power of expression held in their “tone” holds “unlimited” possibilities. Their music has been featured in many advertisements such as Taisei Corporation’s TV commercial produced by world-renowned director Makoto Shinkai best known for the anime film “Your Name”, TV commercial for Google Play Music, and the opening theme for the popular anime TV series “Tanaka-kun is Always Listless”.

Kijima Yutaka (JP)


He started singing Japanese folk song “Minyo" since 5 years old under the influence of his father coaching the authentic lessons. They have been working together, and winnig the prize in a lot of all-Japan competitions.


After that, he broadened his activity to R&B, pops and world music. In 2006, he realized playing on semi-final stage at EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION.


His clear shiny voice mixed with strong deep singing skills built up by folk song made his own worldview that include both modern pops and traditional Japanese sound. That will give you impressed and warmth.


Covering English songs with Shamisen became a hot topic, so his news was broadcasted on TV show. (Shinichi Hatori The Morning Show on 24th of july O.A) Besides he received an encouragement award at the 50th Japan cable awards.


Released 3rd mini album "Wa no kokoro 3~Hitoiki tsukinagara" on October 10th, in 2018.

Sangpuy (TW)


When the night has come, the bonfire is bursting, the breeze is softly sweeping through treetops, and the smoke is spiraling with the wind. You don't need the clamorous music at such peaceful moment, the only thing you need is tranquility.


He, Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, comes from an ancient Pinuyumayan tribe where mountain meets ocean. A singer with an immemorial voice hiding in his young shell. Let Sangpuy's unique voice bring you back to the origin, and cure your soul.


Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, often been described as a “young man with an old soul,” because of his life journey and ethos in his song and life style.


Sangpuy comes from an ancient Pinyumayan indigenous tribe - Katratripulr, in Taiwan‘s Pacific southeast coast, where mountain meets ocean. In Katatipulr, he learned Pinuyumayan music, language, culture and traditions.

O-Kai Singers (TW)


In 2004, when it’s established for only two months, O-Kai Singers had already won Competition of the Taiwan International Contemporary A Capella Festival sponsored by the TCMC (Taiwan Choral Music Center) as a dark horse. Speaking of award-winning, this group has even set the highest record in the Chinese-speaking world –so far by 2019, it has scored 36 international awards at home and abroad. O-Kai Singers has been invited to perform with top groups in the world, such as the Swingle Singers, the Real Group, the Idea of North. Their first album "O-Kai A Cappella", which is recorded with the masters of the American Grammy Awards, has won: three awards in Taiwan's 24th GMA (Golden Melody Award) 2013 as Judges Award, Best Singing Group Award, Best Aboriginal Folk Album Award, the Best Jazz Album by CARAs (Contemporary A Capella Recording Awards) in the U. S. 2013, and one of the Top Ten Albums of the Year by Taiwan Chinese Musicians Exchange Association in 2012. Since it’s founded, O-Kai Singers has involved in various joint music performances and has been invited to sing all over the world.

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