Kijima Yutaka (JP)


He started singing Japanese folk song “Minyo" since 5 years old under the influence of his father coaching the authentic lessons. They have been working together, and winnig the prize in a lot of all-Japan competitions.


After that, he broadened his activity to R&B, pops and world music. In 2006, he realized playing on semi-final stage at EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION.


His clear shiny voice mixed with strong deep singing skills built up by folk song made his own worldview that include both modern pops and traditional Japanese sound. That will give you impressed and warmth.


Covering English songs with Shamisen became a hot topic, so his news was broadcasted on TV show. (Shinichi Hatori The Morning Show on 24th of july O.A) Besides he received an encouragement award at the 50th Japan cable awards.


Released 3rd mini album "Wa no kokoro 3~Hitoiki tsukinagara" on October 10th, in 2018.


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