Workshop Description

Torys' Folk Song Torystory



In this workshop, Torys will introduce the vocalization, singing method and characteristics of Korean traditional music in different regions, including Gyeonggi folk songs, Eastern folk songs, Namdo folk songs, and Seodo folk songs. Torys will also demonstrate mixing Korean traditional music with a cappella with a video.


Intro to Jazz Arranging

Michele  Weir


Michele has had the honor to arrange for distinguished groups including the Manhattan Transfer, the Swingles, M-Pact, O-kai Singers, and many others. In this workshop we’ll explore the art and the craft of VOCAL JAZZ ARRANGING, including jazz chord types and voicings, grooves, ensemble textures, and styles. Using an excerpt from a familiar song that everyone knows (perhaps a simple holiday song), Michele will take you through the steps of arranging it 3 or more different ways, each with a different approach and flavor. You’ll get to see the process from start to finish in a few different jazz styles!


This session is designed for vocal group arrangers who are interested in expanding to jazz arranging, though everyone is welcome to attend, even if you have no arranging experience! There will certainly be something valuable for everyone.


Become a Solo Pro

Geila Zilkha


In this workshop, Geila will be sharing multiple aspects that a solo singer might encounter. From building the most intimate relationship with your microphone, how to learn a new tune and deliver a solo that belongs to you, and finally, everything beyond the score - the mental part of your performance.


Five Decades of Song:
A Young Person's Guide to Singing

Paul Phoenix


Join double Grammy-winning singer and vocal coach Paul Phoenix as he takes you on a musical journey, covering not only the five decades of his own singing career, but also the challenges faced in becoming a versatile singer, able to perform in different styles not only as a member of a group or ensemble, but also as a soloist.


Not to be missed, this interactive presentation hosted by Paul will give you the chance to ask questions and receive valuable advice in building and improving an ensemble.


All Female A Cappella &
Theatre Exploration

Water Singers


In this workshop, the instructor will be sharing multiple aspects that a female a cappella group might encounter. From choosing the acapella program, how to create a unique female a cappella performing language, and exploring the possibilities of combining all-female a cappella music and performance art from the perspective of females.


The Secret Magic

of the Madrigal Singers

Mark Anthony Carpio


The world renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers is a true phenomena in the a cappella choir world. They always deliver great musicality with repertoire ranging from the renaissance to the popular contemporary groovy styles. 


In this session, Mark, the conductor of the Madrigal Singers, will demonstrate some of the most useful techniques that are useful not only for choirs singers, but also greatly needed for contemporary a cappella groups.


Aarhus Vocal Festival presents:

Concert Design

Astrid Vang-Pedersen


 How do you create a captivating staging of your choir performance? This lecture helps you reflect on the question by introducing The Concert Design Concept. Concert Design is a conceptual and practical approach to designing embodied, aesthetic and communicative choral music performances developed by PhD Astrid Vang-Pedersen through her doctoral research and practice. The Concert Design Concept provides methods to reflect on the concert situation as an event and tools for singers to expand their skills as performers.


In the lecture, The Concert Design Concept will be introduced and illustrated, providing insight into the craft of designing choral performances through thoughtful choices regarding visual, embodied and communicative elements. The presentation will end with a Q & A session.


Online Vocal Games

Merel Martens


What can we do that becomes possible when we meet online? The acoustic separation of people in a video conference session provides interesting learning opportunities – let’s explore this together.


Course content examples:

- Icebreakers and simple warmup games for physical activation

- Various exercises and games for rhythm and intonation

- Call-and-response games

- Simple improvisations with basic Vocal Painting signs

- Leadership guidelines, basic rehearsal methods, how to maintain the flow of the rehearsal

- Interpretation; interactive exercises

The History of A Cappella

Deke Sharon


The History of A Cappella, 1890-Present:

From barbershop to Pentatonix a look (and listen to) the styles and traditions that have shaped contemporary a cappella current sound and style, including doo wop, gospel, mbube, vocal jazz and more.


A Cappella Education for Children

Sungmo Han


- Necessity of a cappella education

- Children's a cappella case

- Teacher's preparation

- Improving rhythm, pitch, and harmony skills

- Song practice

- Creating results (performance, recording, video, etc.)


Creativity and Co-creation

Mia Hsieh


Singing is a beautiful way to create connections, to help us connect more deeply with ourselves, with others and with nature. During this epidemic online era, we can explore new ways of singing connections within this frame of vision.


 This course is designed with these main focus exercises:

- "Toning" offers an experience of vocal resonance and spirituality

- "Sing your name" opens up multiple perceptions of vision and hearing

- "Share the song" is creative games and opportunities for improvisation


Mind-Body Wellness Through Voice

Grace Ng


Improve your singing and your health at the same time with an ancient Japanese finger-holding method. Chi moves through the body in 26 points. Free movement of Chi in the body is the basis of Mind, Body and Emotion Health. Poor posture, shallow breathing and difficulty expressing musically are also a result of chi stagnation. Bustline, Waistline, Hipline- you can see where the Chi stops. Organ meridians also play a part in difficulties in singing and musical expression.


This course will be taught by a self-practice session followed by a Masterclass. Participants should prepare 1 minute of a song to present at the Masterclass. This course comes with a Common Ailments handout for you to use at any time.



Special Events:

Blank Canvas

Kevin Fox &

Morten Vinther


BLANK CANVAS: discovering individual inspiration and collective creativity


We all have music inside of us. Music not yet written. How can we find a way to let it out into the world? And what happens when we connect with others looking for the same experience?


In this workshop Morten Vinther and Kevin Fox will guide you through a process of individual and collective exploration using games and exercises. The aim of the exercises is to

> establish a creative and playful environment

> introduce frameworks for musical improvisation

> discover new pathways to musical and human connection


At the end, you’ll be invited to watch an interactive video and record your responses to it, which will be mixed together with the voices of all the other participants, culminating in a new musical work!









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