The accommodation is not included in the festival pass, and the participants will need to make reservation of housing on their own.


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The information about the Festival Cooperated Hotel : WeBase Takamatsu is as follows:


1. About WeBase Takamatsu


Based on a philosophy of "supporting young travelers from all over the world", community hostel 'WeBase' came into existence as a budget travel outlet for worldwide travelers and it also aims to act as a hub that connects Japanese communities and travelers.


The WeBase Group is located in Nishiarai, Tokyo, which has preserved the common people's culture of downtown Edo; Kamakura - a downtown neighborhood resort that was the origin of samurai family culture; Hakata - Japan's oldest commercial port city that rose to prominence as the gateway to Asia; Kyoto - a city overflowing with charm where the old meets the new; and Takamatsu - a city with a rich variety of food and laden with attractions as the entrance to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.


WeBase encourages cultural exchange with those communities by promoting the original culture of all Japanese regions and the attractiveness of its communities to the world. We aim to create a real community that continuously makes young peoples' worldwide travel fresh and exciting.

2. How to arrive at WeBase Takamatsu?


3. About the rooms of WeBase Takamatsu


Consists of a dormitory-type community hostel (10th-11th floors), and single and twin private rooms (3rd-9th floors), where visitors can relax in comfort. The dormitory consists of a mixed dormitory and women-only dormitory.


Customers staying at the women-only dormitory on the 11th floor may use the simple and easy-to-use powder room. Private rooms are also divided between mixed room types and women-only floors. These are comprised of single rooms and twin rooms, which are equipped with a bath and toilet.


Single Room-A

Twin Room

Mixed Dormitory

Woman only Dormitories

4. How to make reservation (through the Festival Cooperated Travel Agent - Lion Bobby)?


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