Workshop Application

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Application & Payment


1. Registration Time: May 5, 2020 (GMT+8) ~ before the workshop. (Please refer to the deadline of each workshop on schedule.) 

2. The fee for ALL workshops: USD 99 per person

3. Please note that the price is not refundable.


Workshops Rules


All workshops are taught in English.

There are 2 ways to join the workshops, and participants can choose one of two.


★ Zoom


1. Participants should download the Zoom software before the workshop. 

2. The join link and meeting ID will be sent by email before 12:00pm (GMT+8) on the day of the workshop, besides the 17th and the 23rd workshop will be sent in the afternoon of the previous day. 

3. Participants can enter the waiting room 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

4. Please disable your audio function during the workshop. If you have any question about the lesson or operation, please type message in the chatting room to the host or all participants. 

5. Your Screen Name on Zoom will be the identification to enter the meeting room. 


★ Facebook 


1. Vocal Asia will invite participants to join a Facebook closed group [VAFex Workshop] on May 15 through email, and for those who registered after/on May 15, will be invited on the next morning. 

2. The workshop will be presented by live streaming from Zoom to Facebook. 

3. Please leave a message under the live video when you have any questions about the lesson or operation. 

4. The invitation of closed group will be sent to the Facebook Login Email. 


* Please note that once you choose either Zoom or Facebook, it is for ALL workshops and can not be changed.

* Please attend all workshops on time, there are no make-up lessons if you missed it.

* For the participants who registered after 16:00 on May 15, will only be available to attend from the next day workshops, besides registered on 16th will starts from 18th workshop. (please refers to each deadline of workshops). For instance, if you registered at 17:00 May 19, then you will be able to join the workshops for four days, 20, 21, 22, 23 of May. Please note that there are no make-up lessons for the previous workshops.


⊙ Remarks


1. All workshops are taught in English.

2. The instructors of each workshops are the appointed members from the master groups. 

3. Participants should prepare required equipment, a stable Internet connection and download the video software/application before the workshop. Vocal Asia is not responsible for any issues related to the software and participants should read all descriptions and understand related risks.

4. Vocal Asia reverses the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

5. Participants may not make their login information open to the public and share with others.

6. Participants are not allowed to carry out photography and filming during the workshops.


Workshop Schedule

 * Each workshop lasts about 60 minutes.







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