Workshop Description

The Joy is in the Journey

The Real Group

The members of the Real Group are going to talk about how the group starts, and key reasons why they became a successful vocal group. Also, the developing methods for rehearsal, and the ways to build a brand name but also promoting a style of music will be presented in this workshop.

Inside SLIXS


SLIXS will talk about SLIXS.

In this workshop/ talk we provide insights into the way the group works, our sound and the way we arrange the pieces in our own way. Our search for very special sounds of the voice is in the foreground. Furthermore it is about the way of presenting music on stage. A small part of the conversation will focus on our vocal interpretation of J.S.Bach's instrumental music. We will provide insights into the development of our own syllable language of our program "Quer Bach“.

An Hour of Rajaton


Soila and Ahti are going to chat about Rajaton: how it all got started, what kind of repertoire we sing, what kind of singing techniques we use and how we rehearse. They are also going to talk about Finnish music tradition and how it has influenced Rajaton, and how your own tradition could have an effect on your own singing and music making. They would also love to answer your questions about anything.

A Cappella Live Looping with FreePlay

FreePlay Duo

FreePlay are a Canadian A Cappella duo known around the world for their innovative use of live-looping, creating complex arrangements with just two voices and some technology. In this workshop/demonstration, Dylan and Suba will demonstrate how they put a live-looping arrangement together, and share some tips and techniques to get you started in the exciting world of live-looping.

Harmony Hub

The Idea of North

Join Naomi Crellin (Musical Director) and Nick Begbie (Director) of Australia’s best-loved A Cappella group The Idea of North for a sing and a chat. Be inducted into their behind-the-scenes preparation for rehearsals, learn some Idea of North music, and have the chance to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to.


An A cappella Experience of Hip Hop/Gospel & R&B

Naturally 7

It’s all about the sounds. It’s more about the timing. It’s most about the attitude. Do what you like, but know the history. In this workshop, the members of Naturally 7 are going to talk about our foundation in Gospel and Hip Hop, where  A Cappella and Hip Hop meet, and what makes it R&B or Hip Hop.

Cuban A Cappella

Vocal Sampling

Members from Vocal Sampling will introduce what’s special about Cuban music, and how they transformed all the detail of this energized music into our human voices.

Bridging the Gap between Instrumental and Vocal Jazz

New York Voices

The session is up into four 15 minute segments. Kim Nazarian will begin by discussing the origins of NYV and citing specific examples of this original intention of utilizing instrumental influence in our arrangements and vocal execution. Lauren Kinhan will highlight the Art of Vocalese; writing clever lyrics to pre-existing jazz solo's. Peter Eldridge will focus on the instrumental influence of his songwriting and arranging with an emphasis on NYV repertoire. And Darmon Meader will share his expertise on Vocal Improvisation; especially influenced by his own wonderful saxophone playing. Please join us, and let the music play on!

Chat with Women of the World

Women of the World

Welcome to the journey of the Women of the World ! They are going to share their history, their performing experiences and inspirations of their music works. Besides these amazing topics, they are also ready to answer your question about anything!

Bass, Beatbox and Production

Home Free

Members from Home Free will be talking about the bass and beatboxing aspect of a cappella, especially when it comes to groove, sound colors, and to share some personal experiences. They will also be talking about the process of releasing a Home Free single, and the business and production side of putting on a show.

Singing with Swagger

The Swingles

Lesson of the "Singing with Swagger" but with online videos and chatting about stage presence. Also tying in performing in music videos and how we can incorporate our normal stage presence into music videos when many groups are switching to "virtual choirs."

Going Pro


How ONAIR became a successful group? What are the attractions inside the ONAIR music? The history, music arrangments, rehearsal methods, light design of stage, and even more secrets about ONAIR are going to be presented in this 60 minutes.


* The instructors of each workshops are the appointed members from the master groups.








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