Workshop Overview






ü   Vocal Jazz arranging

ü   Solo singing

ü   Rehearsal techniques and style concepts

ü   Harmonic ears

ü   Barbershop harmony

ü   Vocal ensemble singer tools

ü   Tips and tricks for rehearsals/concerts/recordings

ü   How to improve my Vocal Percussion Skill?

ü   Vocal Bass


ü   Vocal Jazz improvisation

ü   Body percussion

ü   When concert meets theater

ü   Involving your group in creative processes

ü   Sound and Body

ü   The Birth of "A Cappella Theater", a cross-over art

ü   Looplooplooploop

ACA- Education

ü   A Cappella Teaching Tips

ü   The Development of A Cappella Education


ü   Meet and sing with New York Voices

ü   A journey of A cappella singing

ü   Problems and solutions for vocal group and choir leadership

    -Content is subject to change.