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A Global Group



Long before the pandemic forced the world of music into remote collaboration, the members of Accent had already mastered the process. After discovering each other’s YouTube channels over a decade ago, they decided to join forces across 6 different locations worldwide to create a music video. The sheer enjoyment of meeting online, sharing cultural experiences and working together toward excellence in vocal jazz harmony led them to continue as a virtual group for a few years before finally finding an opportunity to perform in person. Their career as a live touring act then began.


In this session, join members of Accent and engage in Q&A as they discuss how they manage being a virtual and touring group simultaneously. Learn what’s uniquely challenging to their situation but also what lessons can be applied to any group. Discover how their experiences rehearsing and performing live have impacted their approach to their virtual recording collaborations. Topics may include project organization, workflows, interpersonal dynamics, management, individual preparation, efficient rehearsal, recording and production, motivation, achieving goals and more.


Solo interpretation

Wen-Hui Tsai


The lead singer is usually an important role in an a cappella performance.  In this workshop, we will discuss the different aspects of music, from style, rhythm, harmony, to personal perspectives and so on. We will get to know how to handle music in a more comprehensive way, and further more to fully express your musical thoughts through your voice.


Vocal Jazz

Dr. Gene Aitken


This workshop will focus on ‘What Is Vocal Jazz?’ in terms of what are the styles of music considered be ‘vocal jazz,’ and what are the expectations of the ensemble.  Also, for performance, what are the important stylistic considerations that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Included will be specific ensembles and soloists who have impacted the vocal jazz movement, the selection of literature, where to find the literature, how to select the correct literature, and how to plan and program a successful concert.  This will be followed by addressing the basic fundamentals of music as well as the foundations of jazz such as musicianship, style, improvisation, use of scat syllables, and the importance of listening to and the memorization of solos of the great vocal jazz artists.  As well, there will be details in the use of microphones and sound systems in rehearsals and performances.  In order to have a successful concert, how to plan the opening and closing of the concert in order to control the responses of the audience. Finally, how do we evaluate the concert so that the next concert will be even better!


Conductors' Toolbox

Jesper Holm


Should Pop & Jazz Choirs be Conducted? If so, then when? How? From where? Body language in different styles. A workshop about innovative choir leading with the focus on conducting technique. Spontaneous response to the magic hand. Keep it Simple. Only show what's needed. Remove "Noise". Examples from the App: “Conductor's Toolbox" will be used. The workshop will also include some words about: How to instruct Pop & Jazz choirs. Focus on learning technique. "Don't sing wrong! Why spend time correcting what you learned wrong?" Use the appropriate methodology and learn only what's right. Prep work, "The 5 Focus Areas". Floor- Roof. Work in Reverse. Loop and Improve. Use Conducting and Vocal Painting. Speak Less. Improvise. Make variations. Have fun learning.


Rehearsal Technique

Peder Karlsson


The main topic of this online session is rhythm and harmony and the role of the ensemble singer. I will show you concrete exercises that you can do in online sessions as well as in real life.


I began singing a cappella music in the 1980s. I’ve never regretted my career choice - this is a fantastic journey. In my experience, singing together is the most natural thing in the world. First we connect with rhythm through our sense of gravity. Our reference to pulse is there all the time - the Earth itself. 


Then we connect our voices with each other through musical harmony. Sounds and phrases that blend in with each other. To learn blending is one of the most important tasks for a singer of a choir or vocal group. Something very important happens in the group when we are connected on the level of harmony while also being connected through pulse. 


Some say that singing and dancing together in a circle while playing drums was a crucial factor in a process long ago, for thousands of years, when humans became human. It’s probably in our memory as a species. Singing together in rhythm with one another is an activity that makes us distinct from other species, while at the same time being in tune with creation.


Looking forward to seeing you all!


History of A Cappella

Deke Sharon


History of A Cappella, 1890-Present: From barbershop to Pentatonix a look (and listen to) the styles and traditions that have shaped contemporary a cappella current sound and style, including doo wop, gospel, mbube, vocal jazz and more.


The Connection

Mia Hsieh


Singing is a beautiful way to create connections, to help us connect more deeply with ourselves, with others and with nature. During this epidemic online era, we can explore new ways of singing connections within this frame of vision.


This course is designed with two main focus exercises:


"One breath, One sound, Oneness" offers an experience of vocal resonance and spirituality. "Voice and Movement" is creative games and opportunities for improvisation.


The goal of this course is to open up multiple perceptions of vision and hearing, explore a deep connection of listening and responding, and experience the fun of improvisational co-creation.


Stomp! Snap! Clap!

Gabriel Hahn


This workshop is an introduction to body percussion. It will give you an overview of the basic sound gestures (stomping, clapping, snapping, tapping different parts of your body) and use these to teach you simple rhythms, that can as well be played together in a group setting.


The class will be musical, playful and positively challenging at the same time and contains a variety of group games and ice breakers which train our full-body-coordination, rhythmical reaction and awareness.


Voice and Machine

Kristoffer Thorning


Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning has the last 12 years been working with using effects, loops and computers in his live concerts with his electronic vocal group Postyr and in the choir Vocal Line. Using Postyr as a starting point, he will look at different options to use Ableton Live in a vocal group setup. He will talk about different pedals, effect machines and loop devices that can be used to add a different element to your live performance and also show how a vocal arrangement is built for this kind of genre.


Made in Denmark

Tine Fris-Ronsfeld


In the workshop Contemporary A Cappella Made in Denmark you will be introduced to four elements that influence and shape the Danish approach to a cappella singing in vocal groups and choirs.


Arranging technique inspired by Jens Johansen and his a cappella choir Vocal Line

Vocal Technique inspired by the Danish singer and researcher Cathrine Sadolin

The Intelligent Choir Methodology inspired by Jim Daus Hjernøe and RAMA Vocal Centre

Icebreakers inspired by Danish music pedagogy and the Danish culture for "Fællesskab" - a word that doesn't exist in English, but means something like: Togetherness, unity, friendship, fellowship, sharing, caring, community, commitment, compassion in a fine tuned respectful balance between an individual person and a group of people.


The 4 elements interplay with each other and support the creation of new innovative a cappella music.  


In the workshop I will introduce you to the basic ideas from the 4 elements and teach you some warm ups and icebreakers that can be used to implement the elements in your rehearsal. 








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