Workshop Instructors


● Legendary 5-time Grammy winning vocal group

● A Vocal Symphony Orchestra

● One of the founding groups of contemporary a cappella


● Father of contemporary A Cappella

● Producer of “The Sing-Off”

● Founder of Contemporary A Cappella Society


● Professor of The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg

● Head of RAMA Vocal Center

● Creator of the concept: “The Intelligent Choir"


● Founding member, songwriter and arranger of Takarabune

● Graduate of the Berklee College of Music

● Singer, flautist, songwriter, lyricist, arranger and teacher


● Japan’s best known vocal percussionist

● World’s best jazz specialist in vocal percussion

● Japanese representative of “Vocal Asia”

● Vocal Percussion of the Idea of North


● Awards Winning Taiwanese Aboriginal singer

● Powerful and unique singer

● Known for singing and promoting the ancient tune from his tribe- Pinuyumayan


● Japanese folk song (Minyo) singer and shamisen player

● winner of many music competitions in Japan

● innovative artist that mixes Japanese traditional vocal music with western pop music



● Singer of the rich and tasteful layering of voices, Unlimited Tone

● Songwriter and arranger for many Japanese singers like EXILE, May J., ARASHI, and etc.

● Harmony singer for many famous Japanese singers like “Superfly, Kana Nishino, CHARA, and etc”

Vocal Asia

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