Chuan Lee

Hsun Chuan Li, also known as Chuan, is a professional Beatboxer in Taiwan. He uses his unique style to compose music with just his mouth. Being the vice Asia Beatbox Champion of 2019, he has various experiences in performances, having lectures, and delivering speeches. With a lot of fames and popularities, he is viewed as the BEST Beatboxer in Taiwan.


Starting learning Beatbox since 2010, he has participated in many Beatbox gatherings and battles. No matter in domestic competitions or international championships, he always gets a lot of attention and brings the Taiwanese Beatbox Community to the next level.


“Beatbox plays an important role in my life. I use my beats to represent who I am, and I always do my best on every stage.” – Chuan


Best Awards:

2019 / 2016 Asia Beatbox Championship - Vice Champion 

2019 Taiwan Beatbox Championship - Solo & Tag Team Champion

2019 Hakka Choir Competition Champion (Ft. B-MAX Vocal Band)

2019 Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition Open Category -  Second Place(Ft. Unlimited Power)


李訓權 (Chuan),在台灣 Beatbox 圈打出個人特色,擁有「電音小王子」之稱。


2019年拿下亞洲 Beatbox 賽事的亞軍,在台灣也時常受各個學校邀約演出、演講,無論演出經驗、舞台效果,在台灣都堪稱一流。


2010年接觸 Beatbox,自行上網尋找影片揣摩聲音的技巧,隨後參加各種台灣、國際 Beatbox Battle 比賽、聚會活動。Beatbox 是我最熱愛的一件事情,不用任何樂器,用一張嘴就可以發出各種節奏、音樂。



2019/2016 亞洲 Beatbox 公開賽 單人組 亞軍

2019 台灣 Beatbox 公開賽 單人組 雙人組 冠軍

2019 客家合唱比賽 阿卡貝拉類 特優冠軍 (B-MAX人聲樂團)

2019台灣盃現代阿卡貝拉大賽-社會組 金牌第二 (無限電人聲樂團)


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