Jo Jo Pang (HK)


Jo Jo Pang is a composer, arranger and singer raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from the Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in music composition, she devoted most of her time to a cappella music. She learnt singing from Ms Fung Ha Yin and also Naomi Eyers, an internationally-acclaimed singer and Estill master teacher. In 2013, she founded the Hong Kong A cappella Academy, providing a wide range of courses covering a cappella singing, beat-boxing, pop singing and harmony singing etc. In 2015, she established a youth a cappella group representing the academy, Y.YOU. The group has performed in Sound of Asia Concert in Taiwan and has won the championship and the Best Stage Presentation Award of the Hong Kong International A cappella Contest 2016 (Open Class) under her guidance. The academy organizes concerts regularly and sometimes collaborates with the Contemporary A cappella Society of Hong Kong and Macau, holding a cappella contest Sing On Jam and presenting online radio program Aca Radio together.


Jo Jo has been judges for numerous competitions in Hong Kong and China, including Shenzhen Concert Hall A-Cappella Festival: A cappella Contest, Beehive Acappella Festival:The Annual Beehive Awards, the Hong Kong International A cappella Contest and Hong Kong & Macau College A cappella Competition etc. She was invited to be the singing coach and music arranger for Shenzhen Satellite TV program The Sing-Off (China) in 2012 and the coach for the Shanghai A Cappella Music Camp in 2013. She was also appointed as the Artistic Director, Composer and performer of Do You Sing? Dare to Sing! 1 & 2, a program of the International Arts Carnival in 2013 and 2014.


Jo Jo has worked with famous pop singers and music directors such as Elisa Chan, Frances Yip, Chiu Tsang Hei and Hanjin Chan etc. and also worked as a chorus singer and violinist for pop concerts. She has been the Artistic Director and member of Orange A cappella since it was founded in 2009. The group has performed at major events over Asia, such as the Beijing Strawberry Music Festival 2012, the Shenzhen Bay International Fringe Festival 2010 & 2011, International A Cappella Festival of Singapore 2010 and the Hamosatsu A Cappella Festival 2008 etc. In 2013, she founded Sound Of Singers, a professional vocal group that has worked with many pop singers and organizations. The group has recently performed at the Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships and Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016.