Kitamura Kaichiro (JP)


Kaichiro Kitamura is famous as vocal percussionist in Japan. Born in 1974 and a former member of TRY-TONE, he started doing vocal percussion as a child. He can make sounds that sound just like real drumming while breathing in and out. This kind of sound is unique and can accompany both instrumental as well as choral groups. He held a vocal drumming workshop for singers at the Taiwan Choral ensemble Festival, 2007 / 2008, and in South Korea he has held numerous workshops for students during over 50 visits. He is also invited as a guest performer for recordings and at concerts.


In 2013, Kaichiro was invited as the guest performer at the live show of 'The Real Group' in Tokyo, which was recorded and released as the live album entitled 'The Live In JAPAN'.


In 2015, Australian A cappella quartet 'The Idea of North' invited Kaichiro to their show in Australia and started their new collaborations. In 2016, Kaichiro recorded 3 songs for their latest album entitled 'Ballads' and he was invited again to their release concert tour in May.


Now he is performing not only with 'The Idea of North' but also with Japanese Jazz A cappella quartet 'HamojiN' and other Jazz musicians in a wide variety of the instrumental bands.


Kaichiro is elected as Japanese Representative of Vocal Asia and he is now encouraging local Japanes people to meet the international A cappella connections.