Wuming Chen

Wuming Chen is the CEO of Ke-Hua Cultural & Educational Foundation, Vocal Asia and Shanghai A Cappella Center; producer of W Theatre Productions, and band leader of SEMISCON Vocal Band.


Wuming has been organizing “Vocal Asia Festival”, the most important A Cappella festival in Asia and “Shanghai A Cappella Festival”, the biggest A Cappella event in China since 2011. He dedicates to promote A Cappella education and market development in Asia from multiple aspects. He was the consultant and music producer of “The Sing-Off”, a music talent show of Shenzhen Satellite TV in 2012.


His musical productions and shows include: Broadway musical TITANIC, THE SECRET GARDEN (Musical Factory, 1998); Broadway musical SOUND OF MUSIC (All-Musical Chorus, 2000); Chinese musical BUTTERFLY LOVERS (DaFeng Musical Theater, 2003); Taiwanese musical MY DEAR NEXT DOOR (All Music Theatre, 2009); BLUSHING DIVA (W Theatre Production, 2010); A Cappella Concert (National Chang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, 2013); MADE IN HONG KONG (Yat Po Singers, Vocal Asia, 2017); ADAM'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE OF LOST VOICES (Weiwuying Children’s Festival, Four Fun Theatre, 2017).


現任臺灣財團法人科華文教基金會執行長、Vocal Asia 與 SACC上海阿卡貝拉中心執行長、劇織造 (W Theatre Productions) 製作人、神秘失控人聲樂團 (SEMISCON Vocal Band) 團長。


自2011年起連年主辦亞洲最重要人聲藝術節「Vocal Asia Festival」以及中國大陸地區規模最大阿卡貝拉活動「上海阿卡貝拉音樂節」,從多重面向推動亞洲阿卡貝拉教育推廣與市場發展;2012年擔任年深圳衛視音樂選秀節目「The Sing-Off清唱團」節目顧問與音樂監製。


曾製作以及參與之音樂劇相關作品有:百老匯全本音樂劇《Titanic》、《The Secret Garden》(劇烈韻動,1998);《夜盡天明》、百老匯全本音樂劇《Sound of Music》(音樂劇坊,2000);中文音樂劇《梁祝》(大風音樂劇場,2003);臺灣音樂劇二部曲《隔壁親家》(音樂時代劇場,2009);《娘娘槍末日大團結》(紅綾金粉劇團,2010);《人聲點唱機》(國立中正文化中心,2013);《香港製造》(一鋪清唱、Vocal Asia人聲樂集,2017);《小安、金剛與學舌鳥》(衛武營童樂節、四喜坊劇集,2017)。


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