2018 Vocal Asia Festival

August 16-19 at Big City in Hsinchu, Taiwan

The Only A Cappella Festival Traveling Around Asia

On the subject of Asian contemporary vocal music, Vocal Asia Festival (VAF) is one of the biggest A Cappella music festivals around the world, including workshops, master classes, forums, open stages and concerts. To exhibit the diversity of Asian music, VAF sets itself as a "moving festival" , traveling between different cities around Asia. VAF brings singers around Asia together to express and exchange their own specific culture and music experience, and learn from not only the master groups and instructors but also from each other.


2011 - Taipei (Taiwan) / 2012 - Shenzhen (China) / 2013 - Taoyuan (Taiwan) / 2014 - Gwangju (Korea)

2015 - Shanghai (China) / 2016 - Taitung (Taiwan) / 2017 - Hong Kong 


2018 - Hsinchu (Taiwan)


The moving festival traveling between different cities in Asia

Sing to the World, The Voice of Asia