2015 VOCAL ASIA FESTIVAL in Shanghai

We Play Voices Together

Feature of This Year

l  The festival is held in Shanghai, China, which is the largest city in China by its population. It is a global financial center with the world's busiest container port. And it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!

l  Introducing you the 2nd Asian Cup A Cappella Competition! With the great success of the 1st Asian Cup Competition in 2012, this year, we are looking for more groups to participate the competition. Plus, the prize is more alluring than ever!

l  In addition to Ray Chu and Kaichiro Kitamura from VAF 2011 & 2012, this year we also invited the Vocal Asia’s advisor - Deke Sharon to be one of the instructors, and the world-renowned A Cappella groups - Naturally 7 as the master group.

l  In order to learn A Cappella from different perspective, the workshops are dividedinto three categories, “ACA-Technique”, “ACA-Creativity” and “Sing Your Music”.

l  Single Singers” is back! If you are coming by yourself, this is the chance to perform with other singers who also come without a group to sing with! This is truly an experience of culture and music exchange.

l  Sign up to join ACA Day! It is the chance for you to share your music with the local citizen. 

Festival Schedule

Single Singers


Coming by yourself? Join the Single Singers

Dutch Singers Annemarie Homan and Emily May't Hoen started this project in January 2012.  Learn your parts at home, meet new friends at the festival, have two rehearsals and one glorious performance. Join forces with new people and meet in the music! 


Festival Venue


Shanghai Mass Art Center


No. 125 Guyi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai City.

Near Metro Line 3, Yishan Rd. Station, Exit No.3  OR Line 9, Yishan Rd. Station, Exit No.5


Competition / VAF Concert/ Gala Concert / Workshops will be held at here!








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Vocal Asia

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Email : festival@vocalasia.com



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