Gabriel Hahn

Drummer, percussionist, composer, body percussionist, beatboxer and singer – Gabriel Amadeus Hahn is a multitalented and versatile performer whose musical spectrum ranges from sacred and classical music to contemporary jazz, pop and world music. Born and raised in Munich inside a french-german family of classical musicians, he first started learning the violin, the piano and finally switched to drums at the age of 9. 


During his drumset and percussion studies at the conservatory of Munich he played with acclaimed local jazz artists such as Paulo Cardoso, Claus Reichstaller, Peter O’Mara, Karen Edwards, Leonid Chizhik, Christian Elsässer, Thomas Stebenow, Rocky Knauer and many more. He was part of the Eastern European ensemble Konnexion Balkon the french-german septet Das Rote Gras from 2005 to 2009 and joined Tobi Hofmann‘s Easy in 2006. 


He started touring Europe and Asia with the internationally acclaimed and Grammy winning vocal jazz legends The New York Voices in 2009 appearing as a guest beatboxer and body percussionist on their album Reminiscing in Tempo.


He furthermore played with the Tobias Meinhart Quartett until 2012 and joined the Lorenz Kellhuber Trio in 2013. 


After completing his master’s degree in jazz composing/arranging at the music university of Dresden, Germany, Gabriel moved to Berlin, working with the sound performance ensembles fuchs+hahn, ATONOR and OHRLABOR. Gabriel has constantly been exploring artistic fields connected to the human body such as beatboxing, body percussion, experimental performing arts and singing. In 2016 he composed a performance piece based on the ancient Chinese I Ging for the Myzel Sound Performance Festival, Munich. 


He worked for famous german pop acts Roger Cicero, Howard Carpendale and Max Mutzke as background singer/percussionist from 2014 on.


He also joined the Brussels Vocal Project as a singer in 2017, appearing on the album Modern Tales and the choir Lauda Vocale Taipei in 2018, appearing on the latest DVD dedicated to historic church music in some of the oldest churches in Asia.


Gabriel gives workshops worldwide (Vocal Asia Festival, New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camp, Body Rhythm Festival Hamburg) teaching The Musical Body method.


In 2019 he successfully graduated from the german national advanced professional training of psychotherapy and sang backround vocals for the famous taiwanese pop band MAYDAY.


Gabriel Amadeus Hahn 是一位擁有作曲 / 編曲碩士學位(慕尼黑與德雷斯頓音樂高等學院)的爵士鼓手,並活躍於身體打擊,人聲打擊(Beatbox),以及歌手等角色,他曾與德國著名表演者如 Blumentopf,Roger Cicero,Howard Carpendale 和 Max Mutzke 一起演出。自2009年以來,他與世界知名爵士團體 New York Voices(紐約之聲)巡迴演出,擔任鼓手以及人聲打擊,並參與最近發行的專輯《Reminiscing in Tempo》。自2017年以來,他參與阿卡貝拉團體 Brussels Vocal Project(布魯塞爾人聲計畫),擔任《Modern Tales》製作之歌手。Gabriel 不斷尋求新的音樂表現形式。他曾在非洲舉辦過工作坊,接受過印度,阿拉伯和拉丁美洲打擊樂的訓練,曾與難民青少年合作,並在現代音樂節上呈現自己的作品。他經常在歐洲,亞洲和美國開設工作坊(Body Rhythm Hamburg, Vocal Asia Festival, New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camp)。近期,他更在柏林建立《音樂 +人身》的社團,並透過他所創立的 BodyMusic Berlin 致力於無障礙藝術交流,帶領大眾愛上人身音樂。


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