Kristoffer Thorning

Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning is a professional singer, saxofonist and technology enthusiast. He has a master in Pop/jazz saxophone and Rhythmic choir conduction from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and has a soloist degree in Vocal Leadership, majoring in electronic voices from RAMA center Aalborg.


He has toured and taught workshops throughout Europe, Asia and the United States and has written the books ‘Icebreakers’ & ‘Breaking the Ice’ which is published in English, German, Danish and French.


As a former singer in the internationally acclaimed choir Vocal Line, his organising work for Aarhus Vocal Festival and through Postyr’s many concerts and workhops, he is well known on the international choral and vocal music scene. Mostly for his pioneering approach to ‘e-cappella music’ (electronic a cappella), his songwriting and catchy melodies and his riveting icebreakers. 


He has more than fourteen years of experience in teaching choral vocal groups and singers, from amateurs to professionals, and he loves beats, rhythms, movement and of cause icebreakers.


Besides being the engineer and technological architect behind the electronic vocal group Postyrs E Cappella sound, he has also won several international prices for his music videos for his group.








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