Mia Hsieh

Mia Hsieh draws creative inspiration from her roots in Asian culture as well as an assimilation of experimental and improvisational art forms. Her vocal influences range from ethnic to experimental music. She most often performs using her own created language; chanting, speaking and singing with a deep emotion that reaches beyond words. She has collaborated with visual artists, film directors, fashion designers and created several of her own music-dance-theater pieces.


Mia and Scott Prairie co-found the internationally recognized A Moving Sound music ensemble, performing in many respected festivals in twenty countries including The Kennedy Center, W.O.M.A.D. (picked as a festival highlight by London Financial Times) and the Melbourne International Arts Festival. A Moving Sound's music is distributed internationally through the biggest world music record label ARC Music, and just won the "Best World & Global Fusion Album" for the international “One World Music 2020 Awards”! They were featured on The Discovery Channel, and interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR's All Things Considered).


Mia studied with pioneering vocalists such as Meredith Monk, Lynn Book and Rhiannon, and practiced Tai-Chi and dance improvisation for more than 15 years. She has developed her own unique teaching which guides deeply into creativity and self exploration.


“great woman singer putting a new spin on old traditions” 

(Lucy Duran of BBC Radio 3)


“Mia’s voice guides the listener through vast expanses of emotion and stillness. Audiences are transported the moment she appears on stage.”

(Hong Hong / film and theater director)


“powerful and beautifully touching … Mia's voice soared over a strong rhythmic impulse supported by a unique blend of instrumentation that reflected a wide range of cultural influences.”

(Alan Davis, Toronto World Music Festival)


“Mia Hsieh vocalization is simply haunting and evocative…one of the very few artistes who has the ability to touch you from within…and the AMS band is also awesome."

(Cyprian Ferns, NZ art critics)











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